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Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. (Mother Teresa, Catholic nun and founder of the Missionaries of Charity, 1910-1997)

每当你对别人微笑一次,就是用行动爰了一次,送给那人一个礼物,一样美妙的东西。(特蕾莎修女,天主教修女、 仁爰传教修女会创立人,1910-1997)

双语新闻 | 中美发表经贸联合声明


Shoplifters, wins Palme d'Or


Japanese film "Shoplifters", a portrait of a poor and improvised family directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, won the Palme d'Or at the 71 st Cannes Film Festival.

临时组建,用了improvise的过去分词形式:If you improvise, you make or do something using whatever you have or without having planned it in advance. 临时拼凑;

“故事”用了portrait: a description or representation of something〔对某事物的〕描绘,描述,表现;


Hirokazu Kore-eda has been in competition at Cannes Festival four times before, and in 201 3 won the Jury Prize with "Like Father, Like Son".

“参加”这里不仅仅是参加了,是参加角逐:be in competition at …


The Grand Prix went to American director Spike Lee for "BlacKkKIansman" and the Jury Prize was given to Lebanese director Nadine Labaki for "Capernaum". In the shorts category, Jury Special Mention was awarded to Chinese director Wei Shujun for "On the Border".

….获得…大奖,可以反过来把“大奖”作为主语:The Grand Prixwent to…/…. Was given to…/…be awarded to…

Royals delay honeymoon


Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan began married life after their spectacular wedding, but will be delaying their honeymoon as they turn immediately to royal duties.


Spectacular:very impressive壮观的;精彩的;令人印象深刻的;

The newly ennobled Duke and Duchess of Sussex staged a huge party after the ceremony on Saturday at Windsor Castle, where they were greeted by around 100,000 people lining the streets and watched by millions around the world.

19日在温莎城堡举行的仪式结束后,新近获封的萨塞克斯公爵和公爵夫人举办了一个大型派对。当天约有 10万民众站在街边向他们致意,全球数百万人观看了他 们的结婚仪式。

Ennoble:to make someone a member of the nobility(= the people in society who have a high rank, such as princes etc )封〔某人〕为贵族;

Stage这里用作动词:to organize a public event组织,筹划〔公众活动〕;

100,000 people lining the streets and watched by millions around the world, ‘lining the streets’/ watched by millions around the world” 分别为现在分词/过去分词短语作定语修饰people;

The couple were seen driving to the evening bash in a vintage Jaguar, Meghan having changed from her wedding gown into ahalterneck dress, with Harry switching his military frock coat forblack tie.


Bash: a party or an event to celebrate something热闹的聚会;痛快的玩乐,狂欢;

Halterneck: (of a woman's garment) held up by a strap around the neck. 挂脖式的;

frock coat:双排扣长礼服,这里按实际情况来是“双排扣军服”;

black tie这里肯定不是黑色领带,而是:If a man is dressed in black tie, he is wearing formal evening dress, which includes a dinner jacket or tuxedo and a bow tie. 男式晚礼服;

On the bride's finger was a large aquamarine ring, which belonged to Harry's beloved late mother, Diana.

新娘的手 上佩戴着一枚很大的海蓝宝石戒指,这枚戒指曾属于哈 里王子已故的心爰母亲黛安娜王妃。

aquamarine /,ækwəmə'rin/:Aquamarines are clear, greenish-blue stones, sometimes used to make jewellery. 海蓝宝石;

fairly exhaustively:相当详尽的,比如:

The proposed ban fairly exhaustively "includes but is not limited to lotion, paste, balm, ointment, cream, solid stick applicator, brush applicator, roll-on applicator, aerosol spray, non-aerosol spray pump, and automated and manual mist spray."

这项禁令相当详尽地"涵盖且不限于乳液、软膏、体露、药膏、乳霜、固体棒状涂抹器、刷子涂抹器、走 珠式涂抹器、气体喷雾、非喷淋泵、自动或手动喷雾"。

空洞礼物A blank present

A blank present is the present that has no thought behind it. This usually comes in the form of gift cards and money. The person who gives these as presents often does not know what the receiver likes, and simply gives them the "choice" to get "whatever they want".


For example:

Best Buy, Target, and Kohls gift cards, and $100 ... man, all I got this year were blank presents.

百思买的购物卡、塔吉特的购物卡、科尔士的购物卡,还 有100美金,我今年得到的全是"空洞礼物”啊。


if I were you如果我是你的话


I think I'd take the money if I were you.


Long time no see.好久不见。

这是一种打招呼的方式。随着这句话收录进英国词典里, long time no see已算不上是中式英语啦。


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