双语笔记 | 五一起办护照跑一次

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本篇内容取自China Daily手机报,由知新共学译友Zoe整理,侵删哦~~

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. (Michael Altshuler)

虽然光阴似箭,但生命掌握在你手中。(迈克尔•阿舒勒) 早安,各位。

双语笔记 | 五一起办护照跑一次



Passport process simplified


Chinese citizens will no longer need to make multiple trips to apply for passports and other travel documents starting May 1.

“自5月1日起”处理到最后:starting May 1;

“跑很多次”这个很口语化:make multiple trips;


They can make appointments with the immigration administration online for the application, and only need to make one trip to the administration to complete the application process, according to the policy announced by the State Immigration Administration (SIA).

预约:make appointments;

“即可完成申办程序”处理为目的状语:to complete the application process;


The policy is aimed at meeting the increasing demand for international travel among Chinese people. It will take about 20 days for citizens to apply for a passport in places where they are not registered as permanent residents, a 10-day improvement over the current process, according to the SIA document.

旨在: be aimed at…

“异地申办”就是在非户籍城市申办:apply for a passport in places where they are not registered as permanent residents;



Immigration administrations will offer speedy service to those who urgently need travel documents. They will work extra hours before busy holidays and travel seasons.

加急服务:speedy service;


Self-criticism comics a hit


A group of hand-drawn comics designed by students from Nanjing Forestry University went viral on Chinese social media. Instead of being just for fun, they are serving as repentance letters.


Go vial: 走红,风行;

repentance [rɪ'pɛntəns]:when you are sorry for something you have done忏悔;懊悔,后悔;

At the beginning of the semester, Li Yong, an instructor at the university, set this special rule for his students - if they make mistakes, they can choose to write or draw a repentance letter.


Instructor:someone who teaches in an American college or university and who has a rank below assistant professor大学讲师;

"Almost all of them chose the latter," he said, "I hope to enhance the value of the repentance letter in an interesting way, so that it can be more acceptable to the post-1995 generation students."

李雍说,几乎所有学生都选择了后者。他希望通过一种有趣的方法来提升检讨书的价值,使其能更好地被95后的 学生接受。

enhance the value of…: 提升检讨书的价值;

Dong Bo, director of the Student Office at the university, said it's an innovative education method, and the university strongly supports Li's idea. "Students show the thought process and reasons behind their absence or tardiness in the comics.

该校学生工作处处长董博称,这是一种创新的 教肓方式,该校非常支持李雍的想法。他还称,学生在漫 画中表现出他们对迟到或旷课的思考过程,表明了犯错 原因。

thought process: 思考过程;

tardiness /'tɑ:dinis/:缓慢;迟延;迟缓;拖拉;


Analog clock: 指针钟表,比如

Analog clocks will be removed from exam halls and replaced with digital ones because teenagers are unable to tell the time, claim head teachers.


give the nod:认可,批准,比如:

Residents of the Chinese mainland now have access to a nine-way HPV vaccine - which works against up to nine types of the human papillomavirus -after the medication was given the nod by China's top drug administration on Saturday.

国家药品监督管理局28日批准九价人乳头状瘤病毒疫 苗(即HPV疫苗)上市,这意味着大陆居民将可接种这种 能对抗9种类型的HPV病毒的疫苗。

城市游、乡村游和生态游: tours around major cities, excursions to the countryside and ecotourism,以文化、教育和革命为主题的旅游项目:cultural, educational and revolution-themed tours,比如:

While tours around major cities, excursions to the countryside and ecotourism were the top choices of tourists, cultural, educational and revolution-themed tours have become new highlights, the ministry's report showed.

文化旅游部的报告显示,城市游、乡村游和生态游成为多数游客的首选,以文化、教育和革命为主题的旅游项目成为新 热点。


Momager is a mother who manages the careers of one or more of her children; a manager who performs the duties of a mother.



Kris Jenneris owning her reputation as a momager-literally.


The Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch has just filed legal documents to trademark the word "momager" and embrace a nickname that has stuck ever since her family's rise to fame.

这位《与卡戴珊一家同行》节目的大家长已经正式为 momager—词申请注册商标,终于接受了这个从她们一家成名以来一直伴随她的称呼。


Matriarch: a woman, especially an older woman, who controls a family or a social group女家长;女族长


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