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n. 大批的离去

Mr Tillerson knew little about affairs of state — a lifetime in the oil business did not bestow understanding of the geopolitical tides of the times. His promised reform of the state department became an exodus of top-flight diplomats.

exodus/pedagogy/nullify | 热词手帐


来源:《Tillerson, Pompeo and the fall of American diplomacy/美国外交的没落》



n. 教育学;教育;教授法

“But Lucy, it’s your first year! At the moment you’ve got to get your pedagogy right. But ultimately, teaching is not just what happens in the classroom — we are mums, we are mentors, we are psychologists, we are role models.”


来源:《Lucy Kellaway grills the world’s ‘best teacher’/露西•凯拉韦与“全球最佳教师”共进午餐》



vt. 使无效,作废;取消

If, as is likely, this also leads to high tariffs, the security justification might be used for anything. Trade law would be nullified.


来源:《Leader_The EU must respond to Trump’s trade offensive/FT社评:欧盟必须回应特朗普的贸易攻势》


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